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Who are We?

Pure Boredom Media, is the media division of the Syphernet Group.


Originally a YouTube channel with no real direction, Pure Boredom span off into its own company in 2019 to encompass all the media projects and YouTube channels that Syphernet Group run under 1 name.


Pure Boredom Media plans to become an all encompassing Media Company, with Video, Podcasts, Music and Video Games all supported by Pure Boredom Media.

Our Channels

Pure Boredom

The site that started it all - The official Pure Boredom YouTube Channel and Website.


Kind of active, in a random video type of way, but you never know what could happen with YouTube.

Coming Soon: Paragon Bootleg Project

The definitive collection of the City of Heroes, City of Villains and Going Rogue Zone Music on YouTube.


A side project, it will take quite some time to edit and encode all the tunes on a single computer.

Coming Soon: DancingBeaver: Live

DancingBeaver goes Live, or tries to.

Eventually, maybe, possibly.



Since Pure Boredom Media has just started, we have no Partners yet. Contact us if you would like more information.

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